5 Unique Mother's Day Ideas to Celebrate Mom

With Mother’s day just around the corner our minds have been bubbling and brimming with fun and unique Mother’s day ideas. We recognize that Moms are like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. With that in mind we wanted to be sure to come up with an array of Mother’s Day ideas so you can celebrate Mom the perfect way this year! 

1.) Thank her: Create a memory jar and get ready to write your heart out. You can use stationary or ordinary paper cut into small slips or fun shapes. This is an awesome way to capture some memorable moments that mean the world to you. It’s also a great way to thank & honor Mom for all the wonderful things she does. Kids may enjoy drawing pictures or brainstorming about fun things they look forward to doing with Mom when school gets out.

2.) Go on a scenic adventure together: Soaking up Vitamin D isn’t the only reason to venture into the great outdoors this Mother’s day. Nature is well known to help reduce stress, make us happy, and increase brain function. Investigate what’s in bloom at your local botanic gardens or what birds are flying through during their spring migration (be sure to pack those binoculars!)

3.) Create a photo collage: Ask your family members and family friends to share their favorite pics with Mom. Kids will have fun helping you choose and arrange photos. Who knows, they may even want to create a drawing to add to the mix. If Mom is tech savvy email her the collage or post to her Social Media. Other fun options would be to have the collage printed on something she uses frequently (like a reusable bag or travel mug).

4.) Make Mom something sweet: Whip up our Sunflower Butter Cup Pancakes for an unforgettable breakfast in bed, or present her with an Edible Flower Arrangement (all you need is a cookie cutter and skewers). Check out other recipes for an array of delicious ideas to brighten Mom’s day.

5.) Volunteer together: Spend an afternoon supporting a local group or organization. Volunteering is great for so many reasons. Studies have shown that it is linked not only to better physical health but also mental, and emotional health. Take a look at your local volunteer boards and find an event that Mom would be excited to support.

No matter what path you choose this Mother’s Day your Mom is sure to be grateful and appreciative. Do you have any other tips or ideas to make this Mother’s day fun and memorable? Let us know in the comments below!



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