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At Free2b we know it can be hard to feed your family foods you can trust. Our passion to create delicious and safe foods comes from our personal experiences navigating life with food allergies. We get it. That is why you’ll find all of the Free2b and Crunchsters products are made without or “free-from” the 9 most common (or “major”) food allergens (as listed by the FDA,) specifically, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy(milk), eggs, gluten (wheat), soy, shellfish, fish, and sesame. In addition,this product is also made without coconut, mustard, and added sulfites. And, this product does not contain artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, palm oil or carrageenan.

We're Proud to Be

Made In A Dedicated Facility

All Free2b products are made in a dedicated facility that is free from common allergens. For more information on our facility policies and procedures, visit our FAQ page or contact us.

Why We're "Free From"

In 2008, we received a fateful knock on our door. A father, with a jar of sunflower seed butter in hand, presented us with a challenge: create a candy cup that his peanut-allergic son could enjoy. Our chocolatiers got to work, and soon after, the very first Sun Cups® chocolate treat was born. Today, we continue to be inspired by the story of our that first Sun Cup, as many members of our team manage serious food allergies in their own household. You can count on us. As our company grows, we give you our word: to never compromise, to never cut corners, and to never stop caring.

Food Allergy vs. Food Intolerance


  • Occurs when an individual has an allergic reaction to proteins in a food.
  • Causes an immune system reaction that can affect multiple organs
  • Reactions can be severe or life-threatening in cases such as anaphylaxis


  • Symptoms range from gas and bloating to rashes or lethargy.
  • Small amounts of triggering food may be eaten without incident.
  • Can be caused by enzyme deficiencies, irritable bowel syndrome, a sensitivity to food additives or recurring stress.

For More Information

See this article from the Mayo Clinic

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Shop Safely With Our Guide

We want everyone to be able to shop safely and deliciously, whether they have a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity.